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              Luoyang City Panlong Bearing Co., Ltd. original (high-tech development zone of Luoyang thin-wall bearing development department), established in 1987, is specializing in the production of precision grade high thin wall bearing enterprises. Production of ultra light and small and medium - sized thin wall bearing. Large rotary table bearing, three point four point contact type bearing, thin walled cross roller bearing, cylindrical roller bearing, four ball bearing. Stainless steel bearings, rolling mill, roller, tapered roller, filled cylindrical roller, filled with angular contact ball bearings, cylindrical roller, the ball outside, a roller, a ball thrust, thrust roller, deep groove ball, bearing steel wire, various kinds of small and medium-sized bearings and all kinds of non standard and special bearings. Each type of structure, small and medium sized retainer, mold.

          The company's production equipment, complete testing means complete, perfect quality management system, to ensure the stability and reliability of bearings. We have a number of varieties, high quality products based on the market, in order to abide by the contract, service first to win customer trust.

          We sincerely welcome all customers letter, to point, come to negotiate business. We will give you the most satisfactory service, let us sincerely cooperate, hand in hand to open up the market in twenty-first Century, common prosperity.


              手  机:15538805726

              地  址:河南省洛阳市高新开发区辛店镇白营洛宜路北变电所西