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          保持架 Cage

          銅保持架 Copper holder

          聯系人: 張慶利
          手機: 15538805726
          地址: 河南省洛陽市高新開發區辛店鎮白營洛宜路北變電所西
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          洛陽磐龍軸承有限公司--銅保持架 Copper holder


          洛陽磐龍軸承有限公司--銅保持架  Copper holder

             Rolling bearings in the work, due to sliding friction and cause bearing heat and wear, especially in the high temperature operation conditions, the role of inertia centrifugal force increased friction, wear and heat, will cause serious when the holder burn or fracture, resulting in bearing can not work. Therefore, it is necessary to have good thermal conductivity, small friction coefficient, good wear resistance, high impact toughness, low impact toughness, and the linear expansion coefficient and rolling element. In addition, the stamping holder needs to undergo a more complex stamping deformation, but also requires the material has a good processing performance.