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          轉盤軸承 Swing bearing

          轉盤軸承 Swing bearing

          聯系人: 張慶利
          手機: 15538805726
          地址: 河南省洛陽市高新開發區辛店鎮白營洛宜路北變電所西
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          洛陽磐龍軸承有限公司---轉盤軸承  Swing bearing


          洛陽磐龍軸承有限公司---轉盤軸承  Swing bearing



           Rotary table bearings usually by the inner ring, outer ring, rolling body, block, and other four major components. As the core part of the rotary bearing, it can simultaneously bear the axial force, radial force. The form of many, but the same basic structure.

          By the left and right respectively (part): 1. The outer ring (a tooth or teeth) 2. The sealing belt. Rolling body (balls or rollers) 4. The fuel nozzle

          Luoyang Panlong Bearing Co., Ltd. is the production of high precision thin wall bearing enterprises. Production of various types of thin walled bearings, large rotary table bearings, thin-walled cross roller bearings. Cylindrical roller bearing. Four penalty turntable bearing. Tapered roller bearing. Welcome to inquire: 18638892064