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          推力軸承 Thrust bearing

          推力軸承 Thrust bearing

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          洛陽磐龍軸承有限公司---推力軸承  Thrust bearing


          洛陽磐龍軸承有限公司---推力軸承  Thrust bearing



          Thrust bearing is divided into thrust ball bearing and thrust roller bearing

          Thrust ball bearing is divided into thrust ball bearing and thrust angular contact ball bearing. The roll with the washers with balls and keep the frame component composition and the shaft with rolling circle said left axis circle, and the shell with the roll ring road called seat. Bidirectional bearing will circle the shaft with the. One way bearing can bear axial load. Two way bearing can bear bidirectional axial load. Is the seat of spherical bearing installation with self-aligning properties. Can reduce the influence of installation error. This kind of bearing is mainly used in the automobile steering mechanism, the machine tool spindle

          Thrust roller bearing is divided into thrust cylindrical roller bearing. Spherical roller thrust bearing. Thrust tapered roller bearing. Thrust needle roller bearing.

          Cylindrical roller thrust bearing is mainly used in oil drilling, iron steel making machinery.

          This kind of bearing thrust roller bearings are mainly used in hydraulic generator, vertical motor, propeller shafts for ships. Tower crane, extrusion machine etc..

          Tapered roller thrust bearing such bearing main use: crane hook, one-way oil rig swivels, two-way: rolling machine.

          Luoyang Panlong Bearing Co., Ltd. is the production of high precision thin wall bearing enterprises. Production of various types of thin walled bearings, large rotary table bearings, thin-walled cross roller bearings, cylindrical roller bearing, four penalty turntable bearing, tapered roller bearing. Welcome to inquire: 18638892064