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          調心滾子軸承 Spherical roller bearing

          調心滾子軸承 Spherical roller bearing

          聯系人: 張慶利
          手機: 15538805726
          地址: 河南省洛陽市高新開發區辛店鎮白營洛宜路北變電所西
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          洛陽磐龍軸承有限公司---調心滾子軸承  Spherical roller bearing


          洛陽磐龍軸承有限公司---調心滾子軸承  Spherical roller bearing



            Spherical roller bearing with two rollers, mainly bear radial load, but also can withstand axial load in either direction. A high radial load capacity, especially suitable for heavy load or vibration load, but can not bear the pure axial load. The outer ring of the bearing ring is spherical, so it can compensate for the coaxial error.

          Two rows of symmetrical spherical roller, the outer ring has a common spherical raceway and the inner ring two and a bearing axis tilt angle of the raceway, with good aligning performance. When the axial force bending or installed in a coaxial bearing throw can be normal use, adjustable mind with series of bearing size does not vary with, generally allowed by aligning angle for 1-2.5 degrees, this type of bearing load capacity is larger, not only can bear radial load bearing can bear bidirectional axial load, with good impact resistance, generally spherical roller bearings allow the turn speed is low.

          Panlong Luoyang Bearing Co., Ltd. is production of high-grade precision thin wall bearing enterprises, the production of various types of thin wall bearing, extra large turntable bearings, thin-walled cross roller bearings, cylindrical roller slewing bearing. Four penalty turntable bearing, tapered roller bearing. Welcome to inquire: 18638892064